Let's Speak as a Local To Enjoy More Your Stay in Morocco.

Learning Moroccan Arabic will facilitate your communication with Moroccans and help you wherever you go in Morocco : in a hanout, Traditional souk with  non-fixed prices, in villages where the majority of people do not speak foreign languages and you may even need the dialect  in cities when you ask for directions for example,…etc. 

Learning Moroccan Arabic is it more important than learning Berber Language Or Standard Arabic ?

First of all, it depends on your stay purpose in Morocco but in general, foreigners are interested in the contact with locals and having communications with them. A part from some old people in far away berber villages, wherever you are in Morocco, you will  be able to communicate easily in Moroccan Arabic called also DARIJA. You may notice some few vocabulary and expressions used change in some places if you go for example to Tangier, Tetouan, Oujda, Sahara cities,…etc. 

Concerning Standard Arabic, is used just in studies, religion and some administrative affairs and not in a daily communication of Moroccans.

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