spanish words used in moroccan arabic

Spanish Words used in Moroccan Arabic

As you may know, historically, there is an influence of the spanish culture in Morocco. So, there are alot of spanish words used in DARIJA and sometimes with a slight differencies in how moroccans pronounce them and even in their meaning for Moroccans. In the north part of the country which is too close to spain, moroccans use more spanish words when they speak Moroccan Arabic comparing to the other regions in Morocco.

Some Spanish words used in DARIJA

In this section, we have a list of DARIJA words coming from Spanish language :

Semana : Semana (Week).

Kozina : Cocina (kitchen).

Komer : Comer (to eat in spanish). Moroccans use the word ” Komer ” for the Parisian bread.

Himri : the origin of the word in spanish is Hambre (it means in DARIJA “Very hungry“).

Pasta : Pasta (in DARIJA means “Wafer“).

Blasa : Plaza (in DARIJA, it means a place).

Rwida : Rueda (Wheel) with the same meaning in DARIJA.

Mario : El armario (The closet).

Manta : Manta (blanket).

Karrosa : Carroza (Trolley).

Korda : Cuerda (Rope).

Foundo : Fondo (Bottom of the swimming pool or the sea).

Barra : Barra (Iron bar) with the same meaning ike in spanish.

Bocadio : Bocadillo (The synonyme of the english word Sandwich which is also used by moroccans).

Fabor : the origin of the word in spanish is FAVOR ( the meaning in darija is “For free“).

Factoura : Factura (The bill) with the same meaning in DARIJA.

Falso : Falso (False).

Fichta : Fiesta (Ceremony).

Pelota : Pelota in spanish means balloon and in DARIJA refers to a football light plastic balloon.

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