french words used in moroccan arabic
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There are so many French Words used in Moroccan Arabic because of the influence of the French culture during the period of the French Protectorate in Morocco. The french language is considered in Morocco until now as the first foreign language taught in schools and English comes in second place. 

Some French Words used in Moroccan Arabic

We will see in this section, a list of some DARIJA vocab coming from The French Language and how Moroccans pronounce them:

Words written in Arabic represent the transcription of the DARIJA words with the Standard Arabic alphabet.

Lagar لا ڭار : it comes from the word La gare (Train station) which is also used in Morocco with the same meaning.

Bato باطو : from the word ” Bateau “.  

Tran تران : Train.

Frmage فْرْماج : they come from the french word Fromage (Cheese).

Parizian برزيان : Pain parisien (Parisian Bread).

Bagita بڭيطة : Baguette.

Frchita فرشيطة : Fourchette (Fork).

Brika بريكة : Briquet (Lighter).

Placar بلاكار : Placard (Cupboard).

Partma بارتمة : Appartement (apartment) with the same meaning.

Garage ڭاراج : Garage.

Tobis توبيس : Autobus (Bus).

Tomobil طوموبل : Automobile (Car).

Sbitar سبيتار : hôpital (Hospital).

Banka : Banque (Bank).

Portable بورتابل : Portable (Cell phone).

Tilifoun تليفون : Téléphone (telephone).

Tilivision تليفزيون : Télévision (television).

Bakiya بكية : Paquet (Package).

3ttach : Homme travaillant à la tâche ( Man working on task ).

Bichklita : bicyclette ( Bike ).

Boita : boite  ( The box ).

Bombiya : Pompiers ( Firefighters ).

Bolis : Police.  

BolisiPolicier ( Policeman ).

Bolisia : Policière ( Police woman ).

Drougri : Droguerie ( drugstore ).

Fargonite : fourgonnette ( Minivan ).

Grafata : Cravate ( Tie ). 

Grafeuze : Agrafeuse ( Stapler ).

Kouippa : Coupe de cheveux ( Haircut ).

Lbosta : La poste ( The post office ). 

Tractour : Tracteur ( Tractor ).

Zizoir : Rasoir ( Shaver ).

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