The Verb to have in DARIJA moroccan dialect conjugation
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The verb to have is important to know in DARIJA and we will see in this lesson its conjugation in the present tense, past tense, future tense, and another meaning of this verb in its present tense form.


Conjugation of The Verb to have in DARIJA:

The verb to have in the present tense:

Ana 3ndi 

Nti/Nta 3ndk

Hiya 3ndha

Howa 3ndo

7na 3ndna

Ntouma 3ndkoum

Houma 3ndhoum

NB: In Darija, personal pronouns can be omitted.

The verb to have in The Past Tense:

Kan/Kant/Kano 3ndi  (Ana)

Kan/Kant/Kano 3ndk (Nti/Nta)

Kan/Kant/Kano 3ndha (Hiya)

Kan/Kant/Kano 3ndo (Howa)

Kan/Kant/Kano 3ndna (7na)

Kan/Kant/Kano 3ndkoum (Ntouma)

Kan/Kant/Kano 3ndhoum (Houma)

Examples of sentences:

kan 3ndi lmotor = I had a motorcycle (motor is a Masculine word).

Kant 3ndi Tomobil = I had a car.  (Tomobil is a Feminine word). 

Kano 3ndi Tomobilat = I had cars. (Tomobilat is the plural of Tomobil).

NB: Tomobil is one of the exceptions concerning the Feminine form of words in DARIJA. Tomobil is a Feminine word without having the letter “A” in the end. 

The verb to have in The Future Tense:

Ghadi ykoun/Tkoun/ykouno 3ndi (Ana)

Ghadi ykoun/Tkoun/ykouno 3ndk (Nti/Nta)

Ghadi ykoun/Tkoun/ykouno 3ndha (Hiya)

Ghadi ykoun/Tkoun/ykouno 3ndo (Howa)

Ghadi ykoun/Tkoun/ykouno 3ndna (7na)

Ghadi ykoun/Tkoun/ykouno 3ndkoum (Ntouma)

Ghadi ykoun/Tkoun/ykouno 3ndhoum (Houma)

Examples of sentences:

Ghadi ykoun 3ndi lmotor = I will have a motorcycle (motor is a Masculine word).

Ghadi Tkount 3ndi Tomobil = I will have a car.  (Tomobil is a Feminine word).

Ghadi ykouno 3ndi srawel F lma7al dyali= I will have trousers in my shop. (Srawel is the plural of Serwal).

For more details about how to express possession, you can check the lesson about expressing possession in Moroccan Arabic. 

Another Meaning of The verb to have:

If you hear the verb to have in its present tense form, it can also mean “at my place” or “in my home” in DARIJA. Morocco is known for hospitality and Moroccans like inviting people to their homes. 

Examples of sentences:

Marhba bik 3ndi : You (Sing) are welcome at my place/in my home.

Marhba bik 3ndna : You (Sing) are welcome at our place/in our home.

Marhba bikoum 3ndna : You (Plur) are welcome at our place/in our home.

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