Money in darija
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In this article, You will learn many useful vocabs, and phrases to talk about money in Darija in Morocco. knowing about money is important because Moroccans are used to bargaining in traditional markets or shops with non-fixed prices.


Vocabs & Phrases about Money in DARIJA


The official currency of Morocco is DIRHAM ( denoted as MAD or DHS )

1 Dhs = 20 Rials = 100 cents = 100 Franc

1 Rial = 5 cents ( Moroccan Franc ) 

Vocabulary and phrases used in DARIJA :

Money: Flous

Dirham: Darhem

Rial: Rial

Cent: Santim / Frank. 

I have Money: 3ndi Lflous.

I don’t have any money: Ma3ndich Lflous.

How much money do you have?: Ch7al 3ndk dyal / d Lflous?

Do you have a change Please?: 3ndk Sarf 3afak?

I do have change: 3ndi Sarf.

I do not have change: Ma3ndich Sarf.

DIRHAM Prononciation Variations in DARIJA

In this section, you will learn how to pronounce the word “Dirham” depending on numbers and this is important to talk about money in Darija. This section is very useful for example in your eventual daily conversations about prices and to bargain with your neighborhood vegetables or fruits vendors.

The singular form of the word “Dirham” in Darija is Darhem and its plural form is Drahem.

1 Dh = Darhem 

2 Dhs = Jouj Drahem

3 Dhs = Tlata Drahem

… 9 Dhs : Ts3oud Drahem

10 Dhs = 3chra Drahem

11 Dhs = 7dachr / 7dachrl Darhem 

12 Dhs = Tnachr / Tnachl Darhem

… 19 Dhs : Ts3tachr / Ts3tachl Darhem

20 Dhs = 3chrin Darhem

30 Dhs = Tlatin Darhem

100 Dhs = Myat Darhem

104 Dhs = Miya w rb3a Drahem

111 Dhs = Miya w 7dachr / Miya w 7dachl Darhem

200 Dhs = Miyatayn Darhem

207 Dhs = Miyatayn w sb3a Drahem

300 Dhs = Tltmiyat Darhem

310 Dhs = Tltmiya w 3chra Drahem

400 Dhs = Rb3miyat Darhem

409 Dhs = Rb3miya w ts3oud Drahem

1006 Dhs = Alf w sta Drahem

1015 Dhs = Alf w Khmstachr / Alf w Khmstachl Darhem

2203 Dhs = Alfayn w Miyatayn w Tlata Drahem

3100 Dhs = Tltalaf w Miyat Darhem

NB: Concerning numbers we did not mention, Check this article: Numbers in Moroccan Arabic.


Category 1: We use the plural form Drahem for numbers from 2 to 10 and all numbers superior to 100 and ending with these numbers (2 to 10).

Category 2: For the rest of the numbers, we use the singular form Darhem. But, there is an exception for numbers from 11 to 19, and for all numbers ending with these numbers (11 to 19), we have this form:

The number + ” R ” or ” L ” + Darhem

Another exception for numbers 100, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900, and all numbers ending with these numbers (examples: 3100, 3300, 4700, 6300, 10800,…), we have this form:

The number + ” T ” + Darhem

Banknotes and Coins in circulation in Morocco

For more information about coins, check this link of the BANK AL-MAGHRIB web page (2002 series).

Exchange Rates Today (Moroccan 10 MAD)

Exchange Rate MAD: Mon, 15 Jul.

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