verbs types in moroccan arabic
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Verbs used in the spoken Darija in Morocco are almost dominated by the standard Arabic with some differences and you will notice that verbs in Darija have fewer or no vowels which makes them short. 

We have four verbs types in Moroccan Arabic or Darija:

  • CCC Verbs form;
  • CC verbs form;
  • CCV Verbs Form;
  • CVC Verbs Form.

NB:C ” means consonant and “V” means vowel.


Verbs of the CCC & CC type:

CCC Verbs form:

Most verbs in Moroccan Dialectical (Or Darija) have the CCC form (Consonant, Consonant, Consonant). Some Examples:

Chrb (To drink)

Ftr (To have breakfast)

Lbs (To wear)

Gls (To sit)

Khrj (To go out)

Rj3 (To come back/To return)

3rf (To know)

N3s (To sleep)

Ktb (To write)

L3b (To play)

Qlb (To search)

Qt3 (To cut)

CC verbs form:

7l (to open)

Sd (to close)

Kb (to pour)

Chd (to take/to catch)

Verbs of the CCV and CVC type:

CCV Verbs Form:

There are CCV (Consonant, Consonant, Vowel) form verbs for example:

Chra (to buy);

Mcha (to go);

Nqa (to clean);

CVC Verbs Form:

There are CVC (Consonant, Vowel, Consonant) form verbs for example:

Kan (to be);

Gal (to say);

Tar (to fly);

Ban (to appear).

Irregular verbs:

Khda (to take).

Kla (to eat);

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