present Tense conjugation in darija
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In Moroccan Arabic, there are four types of verbs and the present tense conjugation in DARIJA has the following form:

English / DARIJA / Present Tense Form

I                      /  Ana      /  Kan

You (Sing, M)   / Nta        /  Kat

You (Sing, F)    / Nti        /  Kat i

He                  / Howa     / Kay

She                 / Hiya      / Kat

We                 / 7na       / Kano

You ( Plur )     / Ntouma / Kato

They              / Houma   / Kayo


Present Tense Form for CCC & CC Verbs:

CCC Verbs form:

Most verbs in Moroccan Arabic (Darija) have the CCC form (Consonant, Consonant, Consonant).

Examples of verbs:

Ftr (To have breakfast)

Chrb (To drink)

Lbs (To put on clothes / get dressed)

Gls (To sit)

N3s (To sleep)

Khrj (To go out)

Rj3 (To come back/To return)

Qlb (To search)

Qt3 (To cut)

CC verbs form:

7l (To open)

Sd (To close)

Kb (to pour)

Chd (To take/To catch)

To conjugate verbs of the CCC & CC type, you add the present form as mentioned above:

Ana  Kanchrb

Nta Katchrb

Nti   Katchrbi

Howa Kaychrb

Hiya  Katchrb

7na  Kanchrbo

Ntouma Katchrbo

Houma  Kaychrbo

Present Tense Form for CCV and CVC:

CCV Verbs Form:

Examples of CCV (Consonant, Consonant, Vowel) verbs:

Chra (to buy);

Mcha (to go);

Nqa (to clean);

CVC Verbs Form:

Examples of CVC (Consonant, Vowel, Consonant) verbs:

Kan (to be);

Gal (to say);

Tar (to fly).

Ban (appear);

To conjugate verbs of the CCV or CVC type in the present tense in Darija:

  • Some verbs keep the vowel “a”;
  • Some verbs, the vowel “a” is transformed into “i” or “ou“.

For example, the CCV verbmcha” becomes “mchi”and you add the present form:

Ana  Kanmchi

Nta Katmchi

Nti   Katmchi

Howa Kaymchi

Hiya  Katmchi

7na  Kanmchio

Ntouma Katmchio

Houma  Kaymchio

For example, the CVC verb “gal” becomes “goul” and you add the present form:

Ana  Kangoul

Nta Katgoul

Nti   Katgouli

Howa Kaygoul

Hiya  Katgoul

7na  Kangoulo

Ntouma Katgoulo

Houma  Kaygoulo

Irregular verbs:

In the present tense, there are two irregular verbs: khda (to take) and kla (to eat).

The verb “Khda” in Present Tense:

Ana  Kanakhod

Nta Katakhod

Nti   Katakhdi

Howa Kayakhod

Hiya  Katakhod

7na  Kanakhdo

Ntouma Katakhdo

Houma  Kayakhdo

The verb “Kla” in Present Tense:

Ana  Kanakol

Nta Katakol

Nti   Katakli

Howa Kayakol

Hiya  Katakol

7na  Kanaklo

Ntouma Kataklo

Houma  Kayaklo

NB: We advise you to check also the lesson about the Future form in the Moroccan dialect.

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