Useful House Chores Darija Vocab house chores vocabulary and phrases in moroccan arabic
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House Chores Darija Vocab:

  • The broom: Chttaba
  • Shovel: Lbala
  • Vacuum cleaner: aspirateur
  • Water: Lma
  • Bleach: Javel
  • Bucket: Stal
  • Squeegee: Syya9a
  • Mop: Jffaf
  • Cloth: Chifoun
  • Gloves: Ligat
  • Wall: L7it
  • The ground: Lard
  • Rug: Zarbiya


  • Housework: Ch9a / lmenage (a French word).
  • The Maid: Lkhddama / Femme de menage( a French word).
  • Cleaning: Lghsil
  • Sweeping: Tchtab
  • Squeegee: Tsya9
  • Mopping: Tjfaf
  • Wiping: Lmsi7
  • Rubbing: L7kan

Household Appliances In Darija:

  • Refrigerator: Tllaja (you may hear also the Spanish word “Nevera” with the same pronunciation in the northwest part of Morocco like Tangier City)
  • Freezer: Congelateur/Frigo (French words).
  • Washing machine: Lmakina dyal saboun (you may hear also the Spanish word “Lavadora” with the same pronunciation in the northwest part of Morocco)
  • Clothes Dryer: Nchafa
  • Clothes Iron: Lmaslou7
  • Oven: Fran
  • Dishwasher: Makina dyal lma3n
  • Air conditioner: Lclimatiseur
  • Coffee maker: Lmakina dyal l9ahwa
  • Microwave: Lmicronde

House areas In Darija:

  • kitchen: Kozina
  • bedroom: Bit n3as 
  • bathroom: Douche
  • Toilet: Bit lma / Toilette ( like in french)
  • living room: Lmra7
  • Salon: Salon
  • Stairs: Drouj
  • garden: Jarda
  • garage: Garage.
  • Floor: Tab9a 
  • Roof: Sta7

Some House Chores Verbs Conjugation:

We will see in this section a list of useful verbs to know conjugated in the present tense:

The verb To do “Dar“:

Ana Kandir ch9a: I do housework

Nta Katdir ch9a: You (Masc. Sing) do housework

Nti Katdiri ch9a: You (Fem. Sing) do housework

Howa Kaydir ch9a: He does housework

Hiya Katdir ch9a: She does housework

7na Kandiro ch9a: We do housework

Ntouma Katdiro ch9a: You (Plur) do housework

Houma Kaydiro ch9a: They do housework

The verb To clean “Ghsl” :

Ana Kanghsl douche: I clean the bathroom

Nta Katghsl douche: You (Masc. Sing) clean the bathroom

Nti Katghsli douche: You (Fem. Sing) clean the bathroom

Howa Kayghsl douche: He cleans the bathroom

Hiya Katghsl douche: She cleans the bathroom

7na Kanghslo douche: We clean the bathroom

Ntouma Katghslo douche: You (Plur) clean the bathroom

Houma Kayghslo douche: They clean the bathroom

The verb To Sweep “Chtb“:

Ana Kanchtb dar: I sweep the house

Nta Katchtb dar: You (Masc. Sing) sweep the house

Nti Katchtbi dar: You (Fem. Sing) sweep the house

Howa Kaychtb dar: He sweeps the house

Hiya Katchtb dar: She sweeps the house

7na Kanchtbo dar: We sweep the house

Ntouma Katchtbo dar: You (Plur) sweep the house

Houma Kaychtbo dar: They sweep the house

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