vocabulary and expressions in darija about ramadan with prononciation
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In this article, we will see some RAMADAN Vocabulary In DARIJA and some useful expressions good to know about this special month for Muslims with pronunciation.


What is RAMADAN?

Briefly, RAMADAN is a holy month for Muslims which is accomplished annually and considered as a month of fasting, prayers, charity, and any good actions for himself or the whole society…

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RAMADAN Vocabulary in DARIJA

Fasting for Moroccans or Muslims

Apart from RAMADAN, for some Moroccans or Muslims in general, according to Islam (Sunna), they fast every week Monday and Thursday and every 13th, 14th, and 15th (called white days) of each Lunar month of the Islamic calendar, 6 days during the lunar month “Shawwal” following Ramadan…etc.

Some Fasting Vocabulary in DARIJA

The following list of vocabulary, are related to fasting in general :

S7our: Name of the meal before sunrise on a fasting day.

Pronunciation :  S – 7OU – R


Ftour : Name of the meal just after the sunset on a fasting day and it means also breakfast on normal days.

Pronunciation :  FTOUR    F – TOU – R


Ssyam : Fasting 

Pronunciation :  Ss – YA – M


Ana Saym: I am fasting ( a man who is talking ) 

Pronunciation :  A – NA – SAY – M


Ana Masaymch: I am not fasting ( a man who is talking ) 

Pronunciation :  A – NA – MA SAY – M – CH


Ana Sayma: I am fasting ( a woman who is talking )

Pronunciation : A – NA – SAY – MA


Ana Masaymach : I am not fasting ( a woman who si talking )

Pronunciation :  A – NA – MA –  SAY – MA – CH

Some Moroccan table elements in RAMADAN

You have a list of typical Moroccan things you may see on the table in Ftour meal (Sunset meal) in a Moroccan house during Ramadan: 

7rira : Soup  (it is always written on the web in this form “harira”)

Tmer (Plur): Dattes

Tmra (Sing): Datte







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