moroccan clothes in moroccan arabic
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We will see how to pronounce clothes in Moroccan Arabic which is useful if you go to buy clothes in traditional market where you may need to bargain and having more interactions with sellers…


How to Pronounce Clothes in Moroccan Arabic


Darija English French
Serwal Trousers  Pantalon 
T-shirt  T-shirt  T-shirt 
Zif / Derra / Foulard   Scarf  Foulard
Dress Robe
Sbbat     Shoes Chaussures
Qamija   Shirt Chemise
Triko     Pull Pull
Tjakita   Jacket Veste
Sbardila   Sneaker Espadrille
Syour    Laces Lacets
Kaskita   Cap Casquette
Kravata   Tie Cravate
Samta      Belt Ceinture
Tqachr    Socks Chaussettes
Tarbouch   Hat Chapeau
Chort     Shorts Short
Lligat     Gloves Gants
Kbbot        Coat Manteau
Botiyyou   Boots Bottes
Pinwar  Bathrobe Peignoir
Saya    Skirt  Jupe
Pijama   Pyjamas Pyjama
Triko      Pullover Pull
Sandala   Sandals Sandales
Kostim   Suit  Costume
Mayo      Swimsuit Maillot de bain
Jili          Vest Gilet
Pantofa   Slippers Chaussons

How to Pronounce Moroccan Traditional Clothes

Morocco is rich concerning traditional clothes and we will see in this section, just some of them including Berber and Sahara ones. Check the link in case you want see pictures of colthes vocabulary listed : Moroccan Traditional Clothes.

Qeftan / 9eftan ( Caftan );

Takchita ( for Women );

Tarbouch ( Called “The Fez” for Men ).

Clothes bellow exist for Women and Men : 



Belgha ( Moroccan Slippers ).

Traditional Clothes of Moroccans in Sahara

DARAA ( Pronounced ” DAR3A” );

Cheich ( also known by Tagelmoust and exist in different colors ).

Melhfa : Women in the south of Morocco especially in Sahara used to wear Melhfa instead of Djellaba. In prononciation, the letter ” h” is pronounced like the arabic letter ” ح ” in arabic.

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